The Glory of the Muslim Golden Ages Reborn!

Discover how you can unearth the truth and magnificence of the Islamic Golden Ages and Muslim Feats in Human History, while reconnecting with the Deen and your inner Spirit like never before!

Walk a life-changing journey through the footsteps of the Muslim Golden Ages, while letting History, Facts and Documented Truths debunk the many myths and misconceptions about Islamic contributions to mankind.

The Europeans languished in the dark stone-cold walls of their grim castles. The Muslims, just a stone throw away, stretching from Cordoba to Babylon – enjoyed the magnificence of opulent palaces with sprawling lush green grounds, well-lit streets, intricately paved roads, robust systems of water purification, transportation of goods and innovative agricultural mechanisms.

Reclaim Your Heritage and Muslim Identity - With Pride!

The enemies of Islam have rewritten history to make it look like Muslims are barbarians. They want the world to believe that we have nothing positive to contribute to society. The truth has been kept hidden from the masses for a long time.

Indeed, we live in a world today where Islam is constantly under scrutiny and criticism, where the media portrays Muslims in a severely negative light. Terrorism, violence, women's rights, social injustice, etc. are just some of the unsubstantiated claims that have been associated with Islam & Muslims.

Islamophobia is on the rise, Muslims the world over are looked at with an eye of suspicion, while our culture and heritage are viewed as ‘incompatible’ with the Western world.

Life is becoming harder for Muslims around the world, particularly those living in non-Muslim countries. There are bans being implemented by governments on everything from women’s hijabs to travel. The rights, freedoms and liberties of our children and future generations are gradually being taken away.

In the face of all these issues, one of the biggest challenges for the collective Muslim community today is making sure that we, our families and this generation has an education that is going to help us in this world as well as the next – without distractions, demoralization or loss of self-confidence.

This course’s mission is to empower the 1.7 billion strong Ummah with real facts, knowledge, narratives, historical truths and contemporary realities that spans every corner of the globe; facilitating their real-world, academic, personal and most importantly religious growth – in the right direction!

You now have the opportunity to learn about everything they have hidden from you. And to use this knowledge to make the world a better place. The power is now in your hands.

No More Barriers to Your Relationship with Muslim History

The Muslim Golden Ages: Rise & Fall course lays a solid framework for building a strong, uninterrupted and fulfilling relationship with the Golden Ages of Muslim History, Achievements, Events and Journey that shaped our collective sense of identity as Muslims today.

Implementing and Benefiting from the right steps, tools, resources and knowledge for a self-aware life based on the historic importance of Muslim Golden Ages is an empowering experience that cements the pillars of our beautiful deen inside the minds, hearts and spirits with unwavering inspiration!

It equips us for a well-rounded and progressive adult life, while ensuring that our future generations don’t lose their connection with the religion of Allah swt while remembering the glory of the Muslim Golden Ages, and the critical lessons learned from its Rise and Fall.

What You Will Accomplish In This Course

  1. Unlock the hidden history of Muslim civilizations that has been kept a secret for too long
  2. Discover the key contributions of Muslims to various arts and sciences
  3. Understand how the Muslims fell from power, and how history was rewritten to hide our accomplishments
  4. Gain inspiration to become the best version of yourself and rise to greater heights
  5. Contribute to a narrative on how the ummah can rebuild itself and enter a new Muslim Golden Age


This course is self-paced and proactive online learning that is easy to navigate, understand and apply – through a teaching style that is meant to simplify, break down and make the History, Facts, Figures, Documented Events and the Lessons Learned easy for ALL Muslims.

The course will NOT:

  1. Include too many names, dates and locations that can be confusing and hard to digest. (The focus is on beneficial knowledge)
  2. Sectarianism. (The course focuses on positive contributions, not criticisms, divisive topics, political bias, communal differences or anything of the sort)
  3. Political History and Wars. (Unless relevant to the topics for e.g the Mongols!)


  • A Passionate History Buff
  • A Muslim who is curious about our Ummah’s legacy
  • A Muslim Teenager who wants to learn the real history of science and culture.
  • A Parent who wants to teach their children the correct history of science and culture
  • Anybody who is tired of the Islamaphobes controlling the narrative and wants to empower themselves with the true history of the Muslim world.

Why You’ll Love This Course

This course offers the kind of one-stop learning environment that benefits you both during and after the completion of the course in a multitude of ways:

  • Solid Learning with dedicated help, support, motivation and accountability
  • Self-Paced Online Learning – you can study anytime and learn from anywhere, according to your daily routine.
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Materials for continued Referencing, Knowledge, Development and Inspiration

Whether it’s work, academia, family or other constraints, the course allows you the flexibility to learn at your own pace without pressure.


  • FREE downloadable notes on all topics - 6 sets of notes in total
  • Bonus Free Course: Social Media Productivity (worth $99) - that's 2 courses for the price of one!
  • One BONUS live one-on-one class with Shaykh Ismail Kamdar (worth $98)

That's $295 worth of classes, lessons and notes for ONLY $98!


We call it the 30-Day 'I didn't learn anything beneficial' 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How does it work?

If you are not happy with this course, we will not only refund you every cent, but will also give you a FREE eBook as a gift. Some people may abuse this guarantee, but we trust that you won't.

ZERO Risk. MAXIMUM Benefit.


Though we are 100% confident this course is a one-time and truly life-changing investment you will benefit from in countless ways you would have never imagined, we assure you that refunds are a simple hassle-free process.

Just email us asking for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you are unhappy, and you will be refunded within 24 hours. No Questions Asked!

If you really, REALLY, want to study this course but can't afford the price, don't worry!

Just email me at [email protected] letting me know how much you can afford to pay, and we can work out a special price for you. Our goal is to help as many people as possible benefit from this knowledge, without reducing its value.

The Journey Begins – ENROLL Now!

Are you ready to transport yourself back in time through the time machine of this course?

Is your passion as a Muslim strong enough to revisit the Muslim Golden Ages and recapture the magnificence of its achievements via the lens of true, accessible, unhidden and unfiltered history?

Brace yourself as a torch bearer of the Muslim Golden Ages in the Modern Era!

Gain a solid understanding of the Muslim Golden Ages and Islamic Contributions to the human race – and savor the sweetness of the love, wonders and new-found appreciation of the Muslim Identity manifesting in your mind, heart and spirit - today!

This course is your beginning to a journey that ends with clear, majestic, beautiful and awe inspiring reclamation of the Golden Muslim Ages – in a manner most pleasing to the Lord of the Worlds.

Enroll today and secure the current course pricing, bonuses, content & features - with lifetime access!

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Your Instructor

Ismail Kamdar
Ismail Kamdar

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is a graduate of a traditional Alim program (Talimuddin, 2006) and also holds a Bachelor's in Islamic Studies (IOU, 2014). He has studied Islam in both traditional and modern settings and has been a student of Islamic Studies for over two decades.

He began studying Islam full-time at the age of thirteen, began preaching at the age of sixteen, and wrote his first book at the age of twenty-three. Over the years, he has taught multiple courses and seminars around the world and has worked with multiple leading Islamic organizations across the globe.

He served as faculty manager at the International Open University for ten years, from 2010 to 2020. He is the founder of Islamic Self Help and Izzah Academy. His books are currently available in three different languages, and sold across five continents, in twenty-five different countries.

"When I say that Ustadh Ismail Kamdar was, all things considered, the best teacher I had...and one of the best teachers I had the blessing of studying under, I am in no way exaggerating, as will be testified by hundreds of other students!"

- Tabassum

"Thank you for putting together such a beautiful course. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sections and learnt from it. one of it's unique value adds is the "lessons learnt" at the end of each video. I sincerely hope and pray we have a new Islamic golden age and our children will benefit and be part of it."

- Janahara

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

"Sheikh Ismail Kamdar is highly professional, dedicated, disciplined and knowledgeable. He is one of the very best tutors..."

- Yasmeen

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